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CDiPrecision Gunworks Inc.
Compromise Elsewhere....

Detachable Box Magazine Floorplates for Bolt action Rifles

CDiPrecision Gunworks Inc
1852 University Parkway
Sarasota Fl 34243

Check out our updated FAQ section regarding our services. A lot of info there.
Check Faq for Magazine/Caliber Compatibility

Our Online store is here:

New for 2018:

New Products Update 1-24-2018

Now Available for Preorder Sako A7 Short action DBM

We are working on the Short action T/C Venture Rifle DBM now..I will have pics shortly. Its a nice setup

Ruger American Stocky's Stock Revolution Stock

Kimber 84M 308

Sako M85 300 WM

Sako L579 .308

Howa Mini action DBM

Howa Mini in 222 Rem

MagPul AICS mags are working well in our DBM.
Note: these are different than the AR10 type mags.

MagPul AICS CDi Compatibility List:

Magazines work well with these CDi DBM setups. List is always growing as we try new combinations:

MagPul AICS 308 mags:
Rem 700 Sa
Ruger M77 SA DBM
Winchester M70(FN SPR PBR etc)
All Savage Rifle DBM
Howa 1500
Kimber 8400
Mauser 98 and variants
Ruger American with an action bevel to make room for mag feed lips
Tikka T3 with an action bevel to make room for mag feed lips

MagPul 300WM and Standard(30-06 Size)
Rem 700 LA
Ruger M77 LA DBM
Winchester M70 LA
All Savage Rifle DBM
Kimber 8400 LA
Mauser 98 and variants

Springfield 03A3 Magnum Caliber DBM
Now Available In Our Store
Run AI 223/308 or 300 Win Mag or 338 Lapua Mags in your Springfield 03A3 Rifle. A Fantastic Upgrade to these fine rifles

Ruger American Short Action DBM for Boyds Stocks.
Ruger American for 300 Blackout in Boyds Stocks.
Also have for Stocky's Stocks Revolution Stock.

We now have the American working well with AI 308 mags, WITH Boyd's Stock.
300 Blackout with 10 round MDT mags work great.  
Pics are 308 American with 10 round MDT mags.
$209 for DBM and $40 for MDT 308/223 mags Install-Inlets are Free
AI steel mags work well too for 308 sized rounds.  

Stock will need inlet and we do it Free with DBM.
Call to Order or for more Information. Also Available on our Online Store.

Now Available:
Ruger Hawkeye/MkII Long Action  DBM.

Available now.  
They allow 3.600: OAL in 300 WM size magazines, and will work for 30-06/270 Size rifles as well.
Require inlet and some minor Action trim mods to make a little room for magazines..
We do it all for you free, just pay parts and return shipping.
Call or email to set up install.  

CDiPrecision Gunworks now has DBM for Older 110E Savage Rifles 4.525" Bolt spacing Rifles

Also, We figured out how to put them into Choate Tactical stocks...yes they will go in them. So there's a good stock available for them and also our DBM
Call for info we have parts in stock now..adding to store shortly.
As always free install/Inlet too.

Ruger American Short Action DBM

We now have the American working well with AI 308 mags, WITH the factory Stock.

Stock will need inlet and we do it Free with DBM.
Will not work well with 300 Blk

Call to order and for more Information. Or Visit our Webstore.

DBM for Sabatti Rover Tactical Rifle 308  
CDNN has these rifles and they are a fantastic Bargain, under $1000.. We got the cool setup for them.

Complete Lineup for 2017

Rem 700 Short Action and Long Action
Remington Model 7 (AAC Same Rifle 300 Blackout) These work in 308 Cal rifles too.
Kimber 8400 Short Action and Long Action
FN-SPR/Winchester Mod 70 Short Action (Post 64 Only)
Winchester Mod 70 Long action, Magnum and 308-223 box Available (Post 64 Only)
Mauser 98 Large Ring in Magnum and 223-308 Box mags (Also Intermediate boltspacing for M24/47) Covers all Calibers
Howa 1500 Short Action and Long Action (Includes Weatherby Vanguard also)
Tikka T3 Short Action and Long Action
Tikka 595 223-308 Rifle
Ruger M77 Long and Short Action. (Both newer Hawkeye/Mk-II and early tang safety models)
Savage 10 Short Action Stagger and Center feed. Also Low bolt release Options
Savage 110 Long Action Stagger and Center(Also Low Bolt release models)
Savage 110E Short Action Caliber Rifles DBM(4.525 bolt Spacing)
Savage Axis Short Action Compatible with Boyd’s Stocks.
Sabatti Rover Tactical in 308
Ruger American Short Action Factory Stock. Boyd's Stock/Stockys Stocks Version and 300 Blk Avaulable now too.
Sako L579 308/223 size
Sako M85 Long Action Magnum
Howa Mini Action
Kimber 84M

We Have many options for Different Calibers and Magazine Setups,
and we are working on some new things for 2017. Call us for more info:

Savage Axis Short Action DBM (Same as Savage Edge)
We now have a DBM for the Savage Axis Short action Rifle. We need to replace the factory stock with a Boyds stock and inlet the stock to accept our DBM and you just bolt it on and go.  If you already have a Boyds stock send it in and we will inlet it for our DBM no worries. Otherwise Go to Boyd's Gunstocks website and order your stock there in the color and style you like. Drop Ship it to us and we will Inlet it and test it.  This DBM was designed around the Boyds stock and uses the supplied trigger guard. CDi recommends the Steel Trigger Guard Boyds sells as well.  Boyds offers several choices for the Axis in stock shapes and colors. We have parts in stock, call or order online today

Remington Model 7 DBM
New for 2015... I have a new DBM for the Remington model 7. It installs same as our other Rem 700 DBM(we do em free too,just pay return ship), just a lil shorter. It WILL allow full length use of the AI 308 mag, so skys the limit for a neat short little rifle. Here's my 300 Blk AAC Rifle complete with can. Here's a couple pics. Now available in our store, or Call us.

2017 Special Free inletting and Installs.. Use our online store or Call us today, for fast friendly service.

CDiPrecision Gunworks, Inc. is currently offering
FREE Stock Inletting Service or FREE Complete Installation Service with the purchase of CDi Bottom Metal.

Just purchase CDi Bottom Metal from CDiPrecision, from Midway USA or from other dealers(Stockys Stocks, E. Arthur Brown, or EuroOptics) and you will be qualified to either send CDiPrecision your stock for the FREE Stock Inletting Service or you can send us your complete rifle for the FREE Complete Installation Service.  
Bottom Metal Purchases can be Inletted or Installed at your convenience.

The Choice is Yours!

SAVE up to $125 on the Installation of CDiPrecision Bottom Metal.
**Return Shipping and Ship Insurance will apply**

Buy Now or Call for more Details

Phone: 941-961-3185

CDI Precision Gunworks
Manufactures custom DBM (Detachable Bottom Metal) for your precision bolt action rifle.  No one else offers such a wide variety for these popular rifles - all at the best prices anywhere.  

Check out  my product review on Sniper Central -
** Link Will Open in a New Window **

Ruger M77 Short Acton DBM

Ruger M77 DBM now Available, Free install on Purchase and we will install and test it and you just go shoot it. Easy and fast, Order Today In Online Store

Ruger M77 in 223 10 round Ai mag.  Will also work with any Short action round that will fit in the AI 308 mag.

Mauser 98 Large Ring Magnum DBM.  
This DBM allows the long AI 300 or 338 Lapua Magazines to be used, so we have both the Long action Rounds AND 308/223 shorter rounds covered now.
 We offer Inlet and installs on these as well, as they do require Inlet work.


SSLB  $35

SSLB, Single Shot Loading Block for Short action 223/308 size rifles. Also avaialble for 300 WM and CIP Setups.
Use this in place of a Magazine, and single feed rounds without headache, works great for
testing long loads or just plinking at the range.

About CDI Precision Gunworks:  Where We make the Diffrence in Service and Treating Customers right.

Based in Sarasota Florida, We will help you anyway we can to make your project the best it can be.   
I have a current manufacturing FFL which allows me to modify your rifle for you...if you cannot do it yourself.  Call Us for info.


Our Motto Here:

Right and Wrong are Just Words, What Matters Is What You Do!

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