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Frequently Asked Questions.

What makes CDiPrecision Gunworks Bottom Metal better than any other Bottom Metal?
CDiPrecision Gunworks is a US company dedicated to making the finest precision parts and completely focused on providing the best customer service and standing behind our work.  We have been offering free stock inletting and free complete installation service for over a year making it easy and possible for more people to move into our magazine conversions.  We have enjoyed excellent online reviews and tons of word of mouth advertising from our happy customers by providing an awesome product and the best customer service possible.  Our customer’s tell us that our excellent customer service is the biggest way that we standout when compared to our competitors.

What Services does CDiPrecision offer?

This information applies to Remington 700 short and long, All Savage rifles with upper bolt releases, etc.  . . .   
Stock Inletting = If you send us just the stock there will be some minor fitting for you to do when you get it back.  The minor fitting is trimming the new action screws to size and possibly having to trim our magazine release lever to set the proper magazine height in the rifle.

Complete Installation = You can send us the complete basic rifle (the barreled action, the bolt and the stock) and we can do a complete installation service for you (still free) and this would cover the stock inletting and the minor fitting.  If you send the complete rifle you will get it back ready to shoot and not have any work to do yourself.  The choice is yours.  

We can inlet Hogue Rubber stocks, no trouble.  We can do most stocks that are out there, if you're not sure about what you have send us a picture of it and we will verify it.

Please note these Rifles are recommended for Complete Installation service:  FN SPR, Winchester Model 70,  and Ruger Mark II and Early Generation M77.  They require some minor action trim work and you need a Mill to do it. We do it free so no hassle service.

How should I ship my rifle or my stock to CDiPrecision Gunworks?:
For a Complete Installation Service You can ship or mail us your complete rifle.  Please include your action, bolt and stock.  Pack it up so it is protected and not rattling in the box or case you ship it in.  Some rifles come in cardboard boxes, or plastic gun cases with zip ties or in smaller boxed broken down.  Or for just stock inletting you can send just the stock.

You can use Priority Mail at your local post office or print your own Priority Mail label at home at
www.usps.com and hand it off to your mail carrier.  You can also use UPS or Fedex, the only rule with them is to deal at a hub, not at a retail mail and ship type place.  We find mail is the easiest.  Please insure your shipment.  We can email you or fax you a copy of our FFL if you would like to have it when you ship to us.  

Q:  Do you offer a DBM kit for Rem 700 SA in 223 Caliber? Howa? Tikka T3? FN-SPR?
A: Yes our DBM works with MDT 223 Magazines. the 223 mags MDT offers are 10 round only and are $40 each. They work with all our DBM that take 308 mags. Check New Products list for all DBM we offer. the 223 mags will accomodate other rounds as well(204 Ruger and 300 Blk/Whisper)

Q: Does the DBM drop in or do I need gunsmith work?
A: They will sometimes drop in on a few rifles, but most take inletting and install work. We provide inletting and install work, and we provide full installs and stock inletting for Free for 2017. Customer just pays return shipping.
Turnaround is usually about 3 weeks. Expedited Services are available.   Call for info.

Q: Are mags included with the Bottom metal?
A: AICS mags are available separately, and are not included in the DBM price.

Q: How is Shipping calculated?
A:  DBM and magazine that fits into a Postal Small Flat rate box, Flat rate $8.75 shipping to all 50 states, for all part/magazine orders. Backordered parts are shipped free if we split the shipment. Shipping cost on Installs/Inletting is Calculated when we receive the Stock/Rifle and we will go over the job in the beginning. We use US Postal Priority Mail for all large packages and inletting.  Insurance and faster shipping can be purchased. Please ask when ordering for extra services. UPS is also available at additional cost..call for details.

Magazine and Caliber Information:

MagPul AICS mags are working well in our DBM.

MagPul AICS CDi Compatibility List:
Magazines work well with these CDi DBM setups:

MagPul AICS 308 mags:

Rem 700 Sa
Ruger M77 SA DBM
Winchester M70(FN SPR PBR etc)
All Savage Rifle DBM
Howa 1500
Kimber 8400
Mauser 98 and variants
Ruger American with an action bevel to make room for mag feed lips
Tikka T3 with an action bevel to make room for mag feed lips

MagPul 300WM and Standard(30-06 Size)

Rem 700 LA
Ruger M77 LA DBM
Winchester M70 LA
All Savage Rifle DBM
Kimber 8400 LA
Mauser 98 and variants

Short Action Rounds:
22 - 250 will run in a  5  round Accuracy International.308 mag
6PPc will run in a .308 mag
.260 will run in a .308 mag
.223 wssm (winchester super short mag) is a shortened .300 wsm will run in a .308 mag  with feed lip mod

.308 mag has an oal of 2.81"  Can be modified and get oal of 2.950" by removing the magazines inner reinforcement plate

LongAction Rounds:
.270 will run in a 300 Win Mag
30-06 will work in our .300 Win Mag mag
6.5 - 284 will run in  .300 Win Mag
7MM will run in a 300 Win Mag

Ultra Mags and Short Mags
Remington s/a ultra mag will run in a .308 mag with feed lip mod
.300 wsm (winchester short mag) will run in a .308 mag with feed lip mod or in an Alpha morta mag
.270 wsm (winchester short mag) will run in a .308 mag with feed lip mod or in an Alpha morta mag
.223 wssm (winchester super short mag) is a shortened .300 wsm will run in a .308 mag
.338 ultra mag is a no go for CDi bottom metal AI has no magazine for that round

.338 Lapua has an oal of 3.60"
.338 CIP has an oal of 3.750

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