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DBM Listing 2017

Complete Lineup for 2017
This is a complete listing of the Detachable bottom metals we make for 2017

  • Rem 700 Short Action and Long Action

  • Remington Model 7 (AAC Same Rifle 300 Blackout) These work in 308 Cal rifles too.

  • Kimber 8400 Short Action and Long Action

  • Kimber 84M Short action

  • FN-SPR/Winchester Mod 70 Short Action (Post 64 Only)

  • Winchester Mod 70 Long action, Magnum and 308-223 box Available (Post 64 Only)

  • Mauser 98 Large Ring in Magnum and 223-308 Box mags (Also Intermediate boltspacing for M24/47) Covers all Calibers

  • O3A3 Springfield Rifles.  We can accomodate 223/308 or Long action Calibers (Standard or Magnum).

  • Howa 1500 Short Action and Long Action (Includes Weatherby Vanguard also)

  • Howa Mini Action

  • Tikka T3 Short Action and Long Action

  • Tikka 595 223-308 Rifle

  • Ruger M77 long and short action (Both newer Hawkeye/Mk-II and early tang safety models)

  • Ruger American Short action, factory Stock, Boyd's stock or 300 Blackout in Boyd's stock setups.

  • Savage 10 Short Action Stagger and Center feed. Also Low bolt release Options

  • Savage 110 Long Action Stagger and Center(Also Low Bolt release models)

  • Savage Axis Short Action Compatible with Boyd’s Stocks.

  • Savage 110E series from the mid 1980's. We can do them.

  • Sabatti Rover Tactical in 308

  • Sako M85 Long Action Rifle DBM

  • Sako l579 Short Action

2017 Special Free inletting and installs:
CDiPrecision Gunworks, Inc. is currently offering FREE Stock Inletting Service or FREE Complete Installation Service with the purchase of CDi Bottom Metal.

Just purchase CDi Bottom Metal from CDiPrecision, from Midway USA or from other dealers(Stockys Stocks) and you will be qualified to either send CDiPrecision your stock for the FREE Stock Inletting Service or you can send us your complete rifle for the FREE Complete Installation Service.

Bottom Metal Purchases can be Inletted or installed at your convenience.

The Choice is Yours!

SAVE up to $125 on the Installation of CDiPrecision Bottom Metal.
**Return Shipping and Ship Insurance will apply**

Payment Options:

Visa/MC acceptedorders are also accepted

Kindly contact us, when ordering & knowing what you need and want to own.

Due to the nature of the product
it's easier to do everything over the phone.  This will expediate the process and make sure that I get can you exactly what you need.  It's the most secure way to order.
Please call me or email me for more info.  Dealer pricing is also available.

I will get back with you right away to provide you with the best solutions for your firearm.  Building and offering over a decade of my experience, from every kind of your shooting needs, I can build whatever possible, with great prices that are hard to beat.  I really do look forward to hearing from you.

Jeffrey Allen
Owner of CDI Precision Gunworks

CDI Precision Gunworks
1852 University Parkway
Sarasota, FL 34243


e-MAIL ME:  cdi@cdignition.com  (copy/paste email for spam protection)

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