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Savage - Stevens 200 Rifle FAQ

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We cover just about everything Savage model 10/110 series. this covers Model 10,11,12,14 and 16..also covers 110,111,112, 114 and 116 long actions. We also can do the old Flat top Long actions as well(Stagger feed rifle) The very old mid 1980's 4.525" Savages we have a part (308/223 Calibers at this time).

We also have Long action 223/308 max mag DBM, as many Savages were made in long actions for short action calibers.

Stevens 200 rifles are also setup for Savage Center feed bolt Spacing. So if you have a Stevens 200 in Long or Short Action the Center feed DBM parts are what you need. These can vary so call us if youre not sure what you have and we can help.

For all wood stocks (factory or otherwise) and Manners/McMillan stocks we reccomend adding pillars to them.  This keeps the stocks solid and prevents cracking.. we do Pillars for Savage rifles for $20 additional cost.  We dont do Pillar bedding work, just Devcon the pillars in and machine when inletting to finish them up.

A short note on Hogue Rubber stocks for Savages. We can inlet the ones that already inletted for a factory DBM setups. The solid blind ones we can't really do too well, as they are too flimsy and rubbery to come out clean.

Also, if you have a Savage Stagger feed rifle and want to use a newer Center feed stock made by an aftermarket company, we can accomodate that. This solves alot of Availability troubles with older Savage Stagger feed rifles and cool stocks that will fit them. We just need to know ahead of time and we will move the front hole to accomodate. We have done hundreds of them and know what works. Email us for verification..this includes Manners and McMillan Stocks as well.

New Service from CDiPrecision Gunworks
: Relocate that Low Bolt Release back up top, like they used to be(and should be).
Relocate those pesky low bolt releases to the upper bolt release position when you send in your rifle for a Complete Installation service of bottom metal and magazine.  (as shown in attached pictures)
$60 Genuine Savage parts used(All parts Included).

This is a Picture of the relocated bolt Release: Cold blued where we have to machine the action.

How Do I know if my Savage Rifle is a Center Feed Rifle or if it is a Stagger Feed Rifle:

If the Rifle has the Savage factory dbm then it is a newer center feed rifle.

The way to tell is with the action out of the stock, is the sheet metal mag box attached to the action?  If the sheet metal box is attached to the action this is an older staggered feed Savage Rifle.
If the metal box is not attached to the action and is attached to the stock or if it has the Savage dbm system it is a newer center feed rifle.

How Do I know if my Savage Short Action Rifle is a Center Feed Rifle or if it is a Stagger Feed Rifle:
Check the center to center distance between the two main action screw holes.  A Center Feed rifle will measure 4.40"  and the Stagger Feed rifle will measures 4.275"(The above rule regarding the Mag Box also applies here as well)

Savage Rifles with Low Bolt Release:

Stock Inletting = If you send us just the stock there will be some minor fitting for you to do when you get it back.  The minor fitting is trimming the new action screws to size and possibly having to trim our magazine release lever to set the proper magazine height in the rifle. (On Savage low bolt release rifles our "low bolt release extension" will also need to be installed after you receive your inletted stock).

Or Complete Installation = You can send us the complete basic rifle (the barreled action, the bolt and the stock) and we can do a complete installation service for you (still free) and this would cover the stock inletting and the minor fitting.  (On Savage low bolt release rifles the installation of our "low bolt release extension" is also included in our complete installation service) If you send the complete rifle you will get it back ready to shoot and not have any work to do yourself.  The choice is yours.  Please let us know if there are any questions.

Some Savage Stocks that start out blind will sometimes be recessed.  This is due to the DBM having to be a specific distance from the action, and these stocks have a fat belly for internal magazine parts. It is purely cosmetic and they work fine.

This is Bell and Carlson Medalist A5 stock. this is the most recessed stock out there, and this is how they look. they work well, and can be reshaped and repainted if you are willing to do the extra work.  

This is Standard blind Bell and Carlson Medalist stock.  IF you have a meadlist this is the one you have and they only come blind box mag configuration. They are slightly recessed and work well. Some Boyds blind wood stocks come out similarly.

We also offer Setups for Choate Super Sniper/Varmint stocks (Folders Too).  We do these a bit differently and they come out nice. we retain the Molded trigger guard and cut off the guard on our part. They will also be recessed as pics below show.

Choate Tactical Stocks :

Heres some pics of the Choate Tactical stocks we do.  we inlet them and sell complete for info or order on our onlione store

Rem 700 SA with Savage Short Action

Savage Axis Short action rifles:

We designed the Axis rifles for the Boyd’s line of wood stocks for Savage Axis/Edge (same rifle different name).  Just go to the Boyd’s website and select the stock you like. A lot of color and styles to pick from.  Have them ship it to us directly and we will fit the parts and test them with our action here, so you just bolt it up and go when you receive it from us. easy and fast.  These stocks don’t need the Pillars like the Model 10 rifles do, unless you want them, they aren’t required.

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